Coffee, Career, and You!

You feel stuck...

More so you are stuck, and scared as well. And these two experiences together are stopping you from making any forward motion. You can feel the walls closing in, but you are lost on what to do about it.


You need not just a new job, you need maybe a new career entirely. And it feels like a vision, a pipe dream you’ll actually get there. This is what I specialize in. I’ve been doing it since early 2009, and I’ve work with countless individuals to maximize their career potential. From someone just finishing graduate school, to a business leader in need of change, I’ll work with you to address, translate and promote your skill set. You don’t have to go in this alone.

Career coaching in four sessions....

Assessing your history...

We will take a look at your resume, get a sense of the history of what makes you the professional you are, what you love doing, and most importantly where you want to go next. 

Finding ways to translate your skills to your new future....

Once we have a sense of your skills we will look at ways to begin to qualify these skills. As we do this we can begin to explore other fields where these skills might be in high demand or align with your vision.  



Once you have a sense of your skills and vision, we still start to talk next steps. More often than not people want to start applying for jobs, however, online applications are actually one of the least successful methods in job transitions. We will talk about what does work, and how to make it work for you.  

Integrating your future...

As you come back from your adventure, with new information and insight, we will talk about how to integrate these insights into solid next steps. 


Coffee, Career and You was created for individuals that feel stuck in their current career choices, or are unable to decide on the next step for their career journey. Using individualized assessments, outcome-based measures as well as providing an empathic experience individuals learn and grow in their overall career skills. Rather than focus just on resume creation, or building a network, Coffee, Career and You provides you with evidence-based research and an empathetic counselor that will work with you from a strength-based perspective.


Coffee, Career and You is meant to be outcome-driven, and keep general consumer cost low. Due to this, it is to be completed in four, fifty-minute sessions, in which your feedback as the consumer is critical. Coffee, Career and you provides the balance of a structure to help get you towards your overall goals, as well as the flexibility to be tailored towards your needs.


David, in addition to his experience in mental health, has spent almost a decade helping professionals through their career transitions. He balances structure with empathy-driven understanding and works with professionals to craft a vision that works for them.

Career Coach / Therapist



As you work with David, Megean can come along side you to help you craft your digital life, and your personal brand. She has done this for countless professionals and offers a creative, personal touch. 

Personal Branding Consultant


Cost and Next Steps

The total cost for this program is $400 and includes a ton of resources, advice, and skills to get you to the next step. In addition, David also offers a free consult to ensure program fit and discuss how it can work for you. 

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