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Have you found that recently you are struggling with the following?

-Restlessness before bed, and or unable to have quality sleep?

-Anxiety that wasn't there before?

-A sense of helplessness or inability to move forward in your life?

-Lack of energy even though you take care of yourself?

-A sense of meaninglessness in your life?

-An overall sense of depression or anxiety, but don't want to turn to medication for help?

We all deserve to function at our very best..

But often the stress of this world, the unstable times we currently live in or other concerns prevent us from getting where we want to go. When this happens people may consider medication, or therapy to address what is happening but find that those venues aren't helping them in the way they desire. 

This is where cranial stimulation therapy may be helpful. 

What is crainal stimulation therapy?

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) term for the employment of small amounts of gentle electrical stimulation for the treatment of depressionanxiety and insomnia.

Research over the last few decades has helped professionals better understand the connection between brain function, neurotransmitters, and electrical stimulation. We have learned that the electrical activity in your brain controls the neurochemicals which regulate your moods, emotions, sleep, and cognition.

Stress causes that electrical activity to not function properly. This, in turn, results in the neurochemicals falling out of balance. By indirectly stimulating brain tissue in the hypothalamic area, CES causes the brain to restore the various neurochemicals back to pre-stress homeostasis, resulting in a peaceful, centered, and efficient state of being.

CES is both safe and effective. Published literature on the subject does not report any negative effects or major contraindications from its use. Most people experience results within just a few days.

*Please note: If you desire to see more research on this device, additional references can be made available on request. 


Two Week



Rent to Own Program

$45 or $80 till device paid off

Total Cost: $230

One Month Program


How does the rental process work?

Because the device used in Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation is a medical device, a statement of medical necessity is required prior to use. Interested individuals either:

Step 1:

Complete the Contact Form Below indicating if they are in need of an assessment, or will be providing their own.

Step 2:

A representative will reach out to discuss options.

Step 3:

The individual will either pick up their device at our office location or select how they would like to receive it. 

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