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In this drop-in meditation group, that meets once to twice a month, we will spend time connecting and meditating with each other. This is a trauma-informed meditation group, meaning that we spent time working with, rather than pushing against, the nervous system and the body. This group is best for those who have had some sort of exposure to meditation, and those who would like to begin to take their meditation to deeper levels.

about The Leader

David is an avid meditation practitioner and therapist. He has had a consistent meditation practice since the early 2000s and does a lot of training and consultations around integrating mindfulness practices into psychotherapy. He has been trained in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), as well as EMDR and is currently in the process of obtaining his Somatic Experiencing certification.


David seeks to make meditation accessible, adaptable to the needs of the individuals showing up, as well as integrative. He deeply values working within the community and believes in combining neuroscience with ancient meditation practices.

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October 28th
Via Zoom


322 NW 5th Ave

Portland, OR 


Tel: 503-405-1184

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