Life Coaching

What is Intuitive Coaching?

 We all have a sense of knowing inside of us but we don’t know where to start or what is best or what the path can look like.


Intuitive Coaching honors your desire for more, take the things or experiences that can’t be defined and work to find time-honored but individualized paths that can get you to the next step in your personal, professional or every area of your life


The coaching experience that I provide is one empathic support, direct feedback and working towards concrete goals. I deeply desire to see you succeed, with whatever your goals might be and want to connect you with the path to help you achieve your dreams.

David is one of those rare finds that can make you feel cared for and supported while still digging deep to challenge you on your journey to find your healthiest self. -Andrea


Areas of Focus

  • Boundaries

  • Attention Span

  • Communication

  • Goal Achievement

  • Career

Nice Guys

Areas of Focus

  • Career Path

  • Job Search

  • Networking

  • Online Presence

  • Resume/ Cover Letter


Areas of Focus

  • Attachment-Style

  • Conflict

  • Communication Style

  • Public Speaking

  • Partner Negotiation 


How Coaching Works

Depending on which package you select we work together to identify our area(s) of focus, what your goals are and what you need to meet those goals.


What I love about coaching is it is completely allowed to meet you where you are at. Need some intense accountability? No problem. Need spiritual integration and discussion? That works. Thinking about boundaries and steps to enforce those? I can help. 

David not only provided me with knowledge and tools to use to navigate through life, but he also provided a safe space  -Ben


When things need a retweek 

  • One hour in-person or remote session that discusses one area of focus and works to identify one goal or step in that area.



When it's all about that piece of paper

  • A comprehensive review of your resume with suggestions, ideas for improvement and ways to best communicate your story. Note that this service also includes a 10 minute phone call to discuss these details and then a follow-up review.

Resume Design


When change has to happen

  • Six weekly 1-hour sessions on two to three areas of focus identifying short and long-term goals in those areas 

  • Identify three key-obstacles in the way of your short-term goals and work together to address these.

  • Email follow up after four of the six-session highlighting key points discussed and next steps  

  • Reduction in per session cost



When Transformation must begin

  • Twelve 1-hr sessions in-person or remote.

  • Design of short & long term goals in three to four areas of focus.

  • Identify three key-obstacles in the way of short term & long term goals and work together to address these.

  • Twelve Email follow up after each session address key areas discussed, next steps and recommended additional resources.

  • Reduction in cost

  • Ability to cancel two sessions in less than 24-hrs at no cost to you. 

  • Two personalized emails discussing progress and observations meant to provide you with the empowerment you need to reach your dreams.  


Deep Dive


*Payments made over three months​

*Payments made over six months​

Next Steps

The next step is to book a free consultation with me, that can be done over the phone, or in person. During this 20-minute consultation, we will talk about what is bringing you in for Life Coaching, how I might be of service and talk about how we will move forward. This meeting is meant to be low pressure, and about finding the best fit for you and your needs.


In addition, if you review my schedule, but can't seem to find a time for the two of us to connect please reach out to me via the contact form below and I'll respond in 48 hours.  

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