Mindfulness Masculinity Group

Description: Mindfulness is a buzzword in today’s culture, but what does it mean to apply the practice of mindfulness to our lives and our problems? This  8-week closed group is a designed intimate space meant to integrate the practices of science-based mindfulness to help men work with the problems currently presenting themselves in their lives as well as reflect collectively on masculinity as a whole.

  • Practical, science-based mindfulness exercises to apply to your everyday life.

  • Address long-standing patterns in your life

  • Learn to attune deeper to yourself and others

  • Learn proactive ways to address toxic shame, anxiety and depression

  • Examine your own views on masculinity and address what serves you and what does not

  • Build community with other men.

The Details

Start Date: February  18th 2020

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Commitment: 8-Weeks 

Cost: $40 a Session / $320 Total

Registration Required by: February 10th 2020

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