Men's Retreat

Find Your People

Come spent three days on the coast with other men learning advanced meditation practices, having fun in nature and connecting with yourself and others in a deeper and more authentic way. 

Three Days

August 23rd-25th

This retreat is full!

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Mindful Masculinity is a three day retreat focusing on mindfulness using advanced meditation practices, peer counseling, and understanding your attachment style. Here we work to heal ourselves, change the way we interact with the world, and grow.

  • Morning Yoga

  • Love & Kindness Advanced Meditation

  • EMDR Resourcing

  • Breathwork

  • Finding Your Inner Resources w/ Hikes

  • Heart Opening Communal Meals

  • And growing personal connections that will connect you to your inner strength, creative energy, and better emotional wellbeing. 

What's Included

-Beautiful accommodations at a wonderful house super close to the sea. 
-Community-oriented meals designed to help you savor each bite. 
-Access to multiple teacher-lead meditations meant to help you go deeper into yourself and find connection.
-Peer informed counseling
-A twenty-minute teacher lead morning yoga class
-A one-on-one EMDR resourcing session which will help you build tools to carry back from this amazing retreat. (Optional)
-Opportunity to go make connections with other like-minded men.

Total Cost:


*Depending on options selected.

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