Attachment Focused Couples Counseling

You don't get, understand, or see me as a person...what has happened?

Attachment matters to us, it's what allows us to feel connected and seen. But from family of origin concerns to a partner that is just driving us nuts, attachment in practice isn't always so simple.

Often when a couple comes to see me for counseling, there are a variety of things that are happening for the couple and for the individuals involved in the relationship. Most forms of couples counseling seek to address things just from a systems-level and don’t integrate the concerns the individuals may be also presenting.

Though using EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and EMDR I work with couples to fully address the concerns that have lead them into counseling, as well as seek to address things from an attachment perspective. This form of couples counseling integrates individual and couple’s sessions to address things from a holistic, attachment-oriented, perspective. Often the couples that finds this form of couple’s therapy most helpful have challenges in:

Managing Conflict in their relationship

Are often talking about the same subjects over and over again without any resolve

Continue to feel distressed or anxious even when things feel good in the relationship


May have a history of trauma



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