Complex & Religious Trauma

Complex Trauma (or C-PTSD) can come in so many forms and have such a deep impact on our lives (read more about it here).

When we just have one encounter with trauma (lets say a car crash) that's one thing that we can easily point to. But what about when our trauma is complex, difficult to pin down and hard to understand this is something completely different.

This is the case with complex (or CPTSD) and Religious Trauma.

Religious trauma is very different that spiritual abuse, and tends to happen with individuals that have either been forced our of a religious setting, or those who grew up in a religious setting without truly believing those values.

However regardless of the type of complex trauma you are facing, trauma at its core seeks to be avoided, it seeks to increase our suffering rather than be addressed. It destroys careers, families, individuals, communities, and relationships.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

As someone who has worked with a variety of mental health systems, seen relational and religious trauma first-hand, I can help. With a mix of resources, EMDR, mindfulness training, and by providing a supportive and trauma-informed setting, healing can happen.

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