PTSD Counseling

The moment happens...

And then it’s gone. At least that’s how it's supposed to work. But then there are times when those moments, those memories haunt us. Coming back to impact our emotions, our relationships and how we feel about ourselves.


And opening up, really opening up, to anyone- much less a therapist- feels like the worst thing ever.


What will they say?

Will they understand?

Will they make me talk about my feelings?


The impact of PTSD, or complex trauma, is felt all the way through us. Being able to address it, and deal with, it allowing space for our personal process- that may at times include not talking about our feelings- is one of the things I specialize in. Having come from a background that has included advanced training in suicide assessment, trauma recognition and exposure to themes members of the military often experiences.


I’ll work with you to craft strategies that work for you, and that are respectful of your background and your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t continue down the long-term path that PTSD or complex trauma can lead to.

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322 NW 5th Ave Portland OR

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