Suggested Reading

I'm often asked by individuals and couples that I work with what kind of book recommendations I have for the variety of issues they see coming up within their lives. This inspired me to put together the below list, I hope you enjoy!

For Couples

This is a wonderful book on critical conversations to have with your partner. Often when couples come to therapy they are missing some of the critical conversations from this book and it's often my first recommendation. 

This book gives ideas and practical suggestions on how to address difficult conversations through the author's model. I often recommend it for couples, but it's great if you also just want to work on your personal communication.

Attachment and Trauma

I do a lot of work with client's on their attachment style, as I believe secure attachment is one of the greatest resources a client can have. Often my recommendation for this book comes out of those conversations, as clients or couples want to learn more about the theory. 

This book is a bit more clinical in nature, but it still does a great job of talking about how the body holds trauma, and ways to release it. Two of  the forms of therapy it recommends (EMDR and Somatic Experiencing) I practice so this is a great look at the science around trauma. 

Mindfulness & Meditation

Buddhism's understanding and practical advice around how to view and work with emotions is critical within my practice. This book does an amazing job of talking about emotions from that perspective and I can't recommend it enough. 
Meditation within the vipassana tradition is "the art of waking up" and this book does a wonderful job of talking about how consciousness can be viewed from a eastern perspective and ways to work with it. 
If you haven't ever read Alan Watts you are missing out! This is a great way to come into contact with some of his advice, and he does a wonderful job of exploring the nature of security within this book as well as how anxiety comes up for so many of us. 
I think in living in our culture, this is one of the most important reads in terms of how to use power and how mindfulness is critical in our journeys. I love the author's voice and practical points he makes. 
One of my favorite books in talking about the "dark times" of life. The book is super easy to read and contains a lot of practical advice. 
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